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How to Send Money

Find us - Our store address is Shop 15 /236 Lonsdale St Dandenong

Bring your personal ID and our staff will complete a send form and sends the money

Contact the receiver with the provided reference number and in just 10 minutes the money will be ready to collect.

How to Receive Money

Get the reference number from the person transferring you money.

Visit our store (15/236 Lonsdale Street Dandenong) with your personal ID

Sign the receive form and you will give given your money.

Contact Information

15/236 Lonsdale Street,
Dandenong Vic 3175
Ph: 03 8753 7566
Mob: 0434 247 236

Looking for a safe, simple and quick way to send money around the world? Moneygram Dandenong offers MoneyGram International Money Transfer services to help people separated by distance meet their financial needs on the go. Whether you’re transferring money for family or business reasons, with a worldwide network of 331,000 agents across 200 countries and territories MoneyGram International Money Transfer is the fastest and easiest way to move money.

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Transfer fees applicable to a transaction, a currency exchange rate set by MoneyGram International may be applied.